North America

Every organization needs a head and heart.  So it is with Mandate.  We have consciously chosen to maintain a right-sized staff and a lean and green infrastructure so that our energies can go into sending and maintaining workers and ministries in Asia.

There is no central Mandate headquarters.  Our staff uses geographically diverse personal offices and depends on principles of tele-commuting and -conferencing to maintain effective and efficient communication.

By working in close cooperation with local churches, Western NGOs, and traditional sending agencies who second workers through Mandate, we can subcontract much of the worker screening and training.  On the other side of the world, we work just as closely with national NGOs which assume much of the day-to-day responsibilities for worker oversight and care.  Ultimately, Mandate leadership is responsible for the entire process as well as high standards in development work and measurable results in spiritual ministry.

As we growth and expand our spiritual influence, Mandate is actively seeking to expand our North American leadership with the addition of:

  1. Recruitment and Processing Director
  2. Finance Coordinator