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I wondered as I looked forward to my first visit to Vietnam a few years ago. Until that time, Mandate’s ministry was stalled in one Asian country. Having been appointed Executive Director of Mandate and believing God wanted us to expand our unique ministry, I challenged the Board of Directors to expand our scope through Asia. They agreed.

Within a month, God opened the door to partnership with a new ministry in Vietnam! As a socialist country, Vietnam was not receptive to missionaries, but welcomed our participation in the area of education.

Two years ago, a similar door opened to in Laos. Like Vietnam, Laos is a country closed to traditional missionary work, but open to well-trained development experts.

While serving the overall good of the countries’ continued development, Mandate’s workers are purposefully introducing Christ by their daily lives and intentional personal witness.

Now we’re pleased to send Mandate’s executive team to both Vietnam and Laos for two weeks. There we will renew and reaffirm our partnerships, while looking for additional opportunities to expand within each of those countries, and beyond.

We would like you to have a part in bringing this Southeast Asia Partnership trip to reality through your prayers and financial help. Lord willing, we leave from the U.S. on September 17 and return on the 29th.

Each of our four travelers needs an additional $1600.00 to cover expenses, including airfare, visas, in-country accommodations and travel, etc. The total needed, then, is $6400.00.

In order to complete our preparations for the trip and book our flights, we need this total in hand by August 31.

As you ask God how you can participate, please CLICK HERE to visit our safe donation page and follow the instructions there.

Thank you for being part of Mandate’s ministry.